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So now we’re going to make a post and to get the content I translated the keywords um string there to uh polish I don’t speak polish but I just translated it in google translate and I did a search in doctor go and I found an article here that once translated would look so if I’m going to bring it back here to polish

It looks decent enough just by doing a quick translate here I notice this is um yeah I just skimped the article and it was good enough for me to use so I’m gonna go with that why don’t I use it the way it is because I want to translate it myself I don’t want the google translate to do that so I’m going to go to my translate thing here add a new uh

Translation and then I’m gonna get the text and the text is coming in it’s a bit of a slower website apparently so I’m going to hit that again and there’s the content now I’ve got to set my input is polish and I want to translate this to English and we don’t need this part this is part of their header navigation stuff

So we’re not going to use that I’m going to select that bit and click in here and that’s going to be my title content I’m going to make this uppercase like this or how to promote your business I’m going to change this to business on the internet I’m going to take that out that’s going

To be my new title right there remove that and we’re going to start here this is about something about 6 minutes so this is part of the header we don’t want that we’re going to start our translation here this is going to be my first paragraph I just selected that clicked in here and there it is content is there I’m talking straight from television.

Okay, that is a good read I’m gonna translate the next one for example syndicate okay. I’m gonna make all this into one make that the same paragraph just like that yeah that looks good this is going to be my second paragraph now select click and I’m going to finish translating this thing and then I’m going to show you the posting

So I finished my translation here real quick and uh I’ve added a few authority links to different areas different pages different authority pages and I’m gonna select who I’m gonna post this article who uh which account I’m gonna put uh post this on and we’re gonna select um let’s see uh it was the RSS one uh we want to grab RSS right here this one

And just and we’ve got 1308 words there so it’s a pretty nice decent long article click and send this content for posting and just do that then I’m going to set the time I want this to go out I want it to go up right now and I’m also going to add a random image here so let’s see images uh yeah SEO is fine and insert my image

There you go well a hundred percent may be too big of an image I’m gonna do like 60 let’s see how that looks give it a second for the image to load in and there you go yeah not much of an image I’m going to change that add another one in new preview okay this will do better a little bit better maybe I’ll add another image

Um somewhere down here let’s see more near the middle here let’s say around here just below that add another image let’s do a quick preview okay looks good I’m gonna post this now this is good enough decent article outbound links everything looking good

I’m gonna post this so I’m going to hit here uh schedule for posting and you get the message all is set and click ok now we can go to the poster section and let’s start the timer and let this article post gotta give it 30 seconds should be near posting and there it is it went out let’s see yeah it went out so we’re gonna stop that go back.

And we’re gonna now check um our uh make because that was the first part of the whole setup if you remember we’re doing this so right now what I did is using rss contender to post to blogger and this blogger trigger is set on make make.com so we’re going to go to make here sign in let’s see if I’ve got the right account

Yep, I’ve got the right account okay and we’re now going to post so I’m gonna trigger this manually you normally don’t need to do the manual trigger because I’ve got it set to trigger every three hours now instead of waiting three hours I’m just gonna trigger it so we can see what’s going on hit that and there it is it posted it to my blogger so if we go now to the blogger.

The account we’re gonna see there’s the post there’s the content I’m gonna drop a link to the content so you can see the kind of content you get back from RSS contender when you uh translate with the tool but here’s the content all looking good and from here we’re now gonna trigger the IFTTT ones to make sure that everything triggers okay so now we’re moving over there so here we’re in IFTTT.

And since this is the one this section here is the one I’m most interested in right now to check to make sure that everything is flowing okay I’m gonna trigger the WordPress so from logger to WordPress in IFTTT so which is this one RSS contender setup and then let’s hear the check now check completed view activity it may take about oh it.

Ran there you go it ran so if all is good now we can go to um our WordPress here and see a new post oops that jumped a bit but there it is yep all good content indication on how to promote your business on the internet perfect and there’s the post-it got syndicated through to

WordPress the next one we want to check is to make sure that WordPress passes it on correctly to Trello so we’re going to trigger that we’re going to go back to my applets and then we’re going to check WordPress Trello and we’re going to tell it to check now check completed view activity now this one seems to take a second here.

It’s not posting directly it may take about five minutes so let me hit a check again nothing happened their problem let’s reload that okay there was a little hiccup there for a minute there was a little hiccup there um but it uh posted from WordPress to Trello so now we want to check our Trello uh board and there’s the post.

Right there when you click it you’ve got the link uh that you know the source link you’ve got um the post full post and you’ve got the image as an attachment to the post in Trello and it’s looking good looks cool the next one we want to check is from WordPress to Twitter let’s.

Pull that one let’s see how that comes in uh would press the Twitter check, okay and there you go it ran from WordPress to Twitter so let’s check our Twitter account real quick and there’s my post there’s my Twitter post there’s the image and there’s the link

To the source WordPress so Twitter is linking nicely to my WordPress article so that’s all good next one we’re gonna check a WordPress post to Toodledo check complete check the activity it ran so let’s go to Toodledo and how can your business benefit from RSS

Let’s see if this is the one um this doesn’t seem to be the one yep seems like there was a glitch there too but anyway it got sorted um and there’s there it is content syndication or how to uh promote your business and when you click that you’ve got the article in full.

And you’ve got a link to the original it’s all looking good to me so we know that this part of our setup is running smoothly rss contender to blogger to WordPress and then uh these other three items so we can continue the setup from here but before I do that I’m going to connect the Tumblr to narrow get pocket and then um Weebly To Google Calendar in the next part.

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