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Article marketing Ideas

Duplication With No Penalty

If you’ve taken any time at all marketing on the web you’ve very likely used a spinning application at one point. Text spinning is amongst the easiest tactics to create unique articles out of already used articles. Or at least that is the reasoning. The premise is that by using alternatives all through the text, you could crank out multiple unique variations of a single article. The trouble is that this technique is getting much less reliable. Up until the last several years, content spinning has been working great but in the last few years, there has been a major change. Google’s Penguin update has been affecting many of the spam sites that have been using badly spin text. All of this is more or less common knowledge.

You cannot assume all duplicate content is detrimental though. Think about several HVAC repair companies in an urban area and they all provide the same solutions. There will be some text convergence among them no matter what you do. Equal services, similar content, not a problem. On the other hand, having a lot of duplicate posts on only one site is an entirely different thing though.

A number of marketers who actually must know better will tell you there is no such thing as duplicate content. They are to a degree correct in making this statement, but not absolutely correct. They are typically looking at authority sites like Exotic Car Rental and other sites like this which have a shit-ton of identical material on them. These websites seem to totally bypass any type of penalization for content replication. But believe me, duplication won’t succeed if you’re not an acknowledged trade name or have an old domain that has been “forgiven” and allowed in to the algorithm. Local lead generation sites on the other hand will have a difficult time ranking by making use of replicated content. The vast majority of mass page site builders have experienced the dismal results of working with replicated articles. The right way to use the same content is as a matter of fact straightforward. Setting up recyclable content is a lot simpler than you’d imagine. The magic formula lies in formulating several variants of each sentence.

Take care when putting together your alternate sentences though. The last thing you want is your article to come out strange when the text gets generated. Spinning the single terms within each phrase will place an additional core of individuality to your content. This concept is far more reliable for having your posts indexed than using the usual swiped and then poorly spun articles from article directories.

Ways To Find Your Next Piece Of Content

It may sound corny, but it’s actually as reliable today as it ever was. Content is King. At the beginning, you always have a ton of creative concepts. To grow your trade name properly, you must present these thoughts to the public. The only chance to launch a powerful marketing campaign is by keeping your audience engaged. What can you do when you’ve exhausted your ideas for new content material? Here are a few incredibly simple tactics that will make it easier to develop creative concepts so that you always have creativity flowing.

Spy on your competitors
You wanna exceed your competition, so to do that you have to find out what they are doing. It’s essential to be on top of your game or run the risk of being outperformed by competitors. You cannot procrastinate if you want to be on top. This analysis will give you valuable, topical strategies for your own content promotion strategies. Just use your creative thinking. The obvious place to get going is naturally on their main site. If they have a blog posting part, have a read though to get a good feel for their content. Look at their blogging regularity and the standard of their articles or blog posts.

Find out new in your field of interest
If you carry on playing it safe and do what everyone else is doing, you are never going to maximize your scope. Review the most up-to-date general trends and make futuristic assumptions or suggestions about your niche if at all possible. This will help you be seen. Don’t be scared about being wrong, mistakes can be corrected in future writing.

What are consumers asking about your market?
Your audience are the heart of your business. Their ideas are crucial to you because if you don’t respond to them, you might as well close up shop. You’ll find a lot of websites where you could come across unanswered questions to help you write content around. One mainly ignored goldmine of content information are sites that contain slides. You will find there’s an amazing abundance of resources there that you are able to use to produce unusually engaging articles or blog posts.